Stansberry Research supports buying Japanese stocks but not Trumps Proposed Steel and Aluminum tariff

In the article ‘The US Inches Closer to War‘ by Justin Brill published on March 14th 2018 on Stansberry Research’s site Brill talks about the recent activity in the Japanese stock market and the moves by the Central Bank of Japan to drive up inflation over 2 percent. Since 2016 Japan has been working to drive inflation and thus drive their stock market with great success as shown by their stocks going up over 20 percent since 2016. But recent statements about the progress of getting inflation to 2 percent have made some investors nervous. Brill states that Japan is looking to push inflation to over 2 percent and thus the Japanese stocks are still a good buy and investors should continue to purchase them without worry for the foreseeable future.

The article on Stansberry Research also touches on the steel and aluminum taxes and tariffs that have been suggested by President Trump. Brill suggests that the tariffs will not actually help the majority of Americans as we can expect to see a rise in prices for anything using steel or aluminum. Brill also touches on the blow back from the EU who are suggesting putting taxes and tariffs on US imports that would further drive costs up for American businesses and consumers. While the full scope of the tariffs Trump is suggesting are not known at this time the article makes it clear that they are not a good idea for any but a small few in America.

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