Susan McGalla Has Nothing To Prove For Her Talent Speaks For Itself

There is a difference between men and women in the workplace, as to pay scale and promotion. While there is no rational reason why there should be a gender gap, no one denies that the discrepancy exists. This gap continues despite the recognition of this discriminatory practice by both private and public organizations.


If one stands side by side a woman and a man in the same position, a woman would be just as effective no matter the level of responsibility. However, there is a gender difference as to how a woman approaches a task versus a man on the same tasks. Women’s personality has unique characteristics that make them better suited for corporate leadership and with their ventures.


Susan McGalla is a case in point of a woman who is very successful in breaking the glass ceiling and has been accepted in traditionally male roles. She does not turn her back on another woman, encourages networking, and acts as a good role model. She takes nothing for granted and recognizes that she has the necessary traits to be successful.


She has empowered herself, which has given her the energy to release her unique abilities. For instance, she has founded and has excelled as a consultant in P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and is presently the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers.


McGalla is an expert in the retail and clothing spheres and has been recognized for her uniqueness by prominent personalities in finance that can use her insight and skills in marketing, talent management, product merchandising, and branding.


Before her work with the Pittsburgh Steelers, McGalla was employed by Joseph Horne Company, from 1986 until 1994, and worked in marketing and managerial positions. She later joined American Eagle Outfitters which led her to be promoted to the President and CMO of the flagship American Eagle brand. McGalla was then promoted to be the Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer of the whole company. Before her position, with the Picksburge Stellers, Susan McGalla became the CEO of Wet Seal Inc, and in January 2011 she left to work at her present position.

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