Sussex Healthcare Services

Sussex Healthcare is a medical institution that is based on the southern coast of England. It primarily deals with the provision of care to the older adults as well as other individuals who require specialized care. Sussex Healthcare has been in this service for about 25 years. The organization boasts of success over the extended period that it has been operational. What mainly gives Sussex Healthcare a feeling of satisfaction is the number of people that they have positively impacted since they started their operations in 1985.

Companies thrive through the input of their employees. Sussex Healthcare has a large number of dedicated staff who always put the client’s interest first. Their leaders have also been exceptional in managing the organization. This organization has two joint chairmen, Mr. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. What makes the two leaders exceptional is the complementary skills that they bring in the management of the organization. Mr. Boghani is an experienced manager who has been in the hotel business for an extensive period. Mr. Sachedina, on the other hand, is a trained dental surgeon. He is, therefore, well versed in the requirements of a healthcare facility. The two leaders have played a prominent role in making Sussex Healthcare the successful organization that they are today.


At the start, they had only one facility. Today, Sussex Healthcare has over 20 facilities that operate under their name. They also provide day care services. Their gym is built using the modern technology to give their clients the ultimate workout that they desire. Sussex Healthcare provides facilities where older people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia can recover in. They also tend for young people who are suffering from related neurological complications and cognitive problems.

The management of the organization is ever committed to giving the best service. They are continually educated and trained to ensure that they are up to date with the current regulatory requirements in looking after the elderly. Sussex Healthcare is home to numerous individuals, and the staff is always determined to make it the best place to live.

In these facilities, it’s not all about medical treatments. Sussex Healthcare believes that an all rounded approach in caring for their patients is key to hastening their recovery. They have, therefore, made it possible for their patients to access recreational and leisure facilities. The aim of providing the facilities is to ensure that these people will continue leading their normal lives as before. Sussex Healthcare also understands that the diet is very crucial in aiding recovery. They have, thus, hired experienced chefs who make balanced diets for their residents at all times.

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