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The Secret Sauce Behind Dr. Mark McKenna’s Success

Dr. Mark McKenna is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of OVME, a tech company that links consumers interested in aesthetics-enhancing outpatient treatments with the closest providers endorsed by the company.

According to an interview with IdeaMensch, Dr. Mark McKenna’s idea for OVME is rooted largely in the success of ShapeMed, a company McKenna founded in 2007 and sold in 2014 that provided health, wellness, and aesthetics on a fee-for-service basis to customers around the greater Atlanta, Georgia, area.

ShapeMed was created shortly after Dr. Mark McKenna left his birth state of Louisiana in favor of Georgia’s rolling hills. He left Louisiana in mid-2007 and founded ShapeMed later in the year, in November 2007.

Dr. Mark McKenna grew ShapeMed into one of the most popular aesthetics and wellness medical practices across the state of Georgia, let alone the millions-deep metropolitan area of greater Atlanta. Life Time Fitness, Inc., a corporate conglomeration of businesses spread across the wellness, healthcare, and fitness industries, purchased ShapeMed’s many millions of dollars in assets in November 2014, exactly seven years after the company was founded.

From November 2014 through July 2016, Dr. Mark McKenna led Life Time Fitness as the company’s National Medical Director. Precisely one year after leaving the company, Dr. Mark McKenna created OVME, a business that connects potential patients across the United States of America with qualified medical experts who provide treatments that increase the beauty and aesthetics of patients, rather than focusing on their health and physical wellness.

OVME – the name of which is pronounced as “of me,” rather than “oh vee em ee” – links hundreds of patients every day to qualified healthcare service providers that Mark McKenna and his expert staff at OVME have investigated the reputation of and pre-approved prior to being listed on the app.

Mr. Mark McKenna is married to the beautiful Gianine McKenna, a budding swimsuit designer who shares an entrepreneurial spirit just as strong as her husband does.

Throughout the past, Mark McKenna’s business success has made him fortunate enough to be named to the board of directors of the New Orleans Jazz Festival, New Orleans Industrial Development Board, and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.