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MB2 Dental Help Those Hurt by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard in 2017, leaving over sixty people dead and destroying or damaging the homes and property of thousands more. Texas based MB2 Dental had over 200 of it’s more than 1,000 employees lose something to the category 4 storm, though none of them were among the fatalities. MB2 Dental decided that as a member of the community and with so many of its own employees effected by Harvey that it had to do something. MB2 opened up a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $100,000 in cash and donations. In under a month MB2 Dental’s GoFundMe had hit over $83,000 in cash and the comapny has brought in a lot of needed items for victims of Harvey, from clothes and blankets to beds and food & water. Many of the donations came from MB2 employees who wanted to help out.

Founder and CEO Dr. Chris Villanueva donated $15,000 himself and has expressed his pride at the response from the MB2 Dental employee family. He stated that while any company’s profits can be up and down over time, the culture of helping and charity is something that defines a company more than its profit margin. Hurricane Harvey made landfall three times in Houston, moving out to sea and returning twice after it first hit the city. It caused flooding throughout southern Texas that continued to do damage long after the hurricane itself had dissipated. It was the biggest storm to his Texas in over 50 years and the biggest to hit the U.S. since Katrina.

MB2 Dental was founded in 2007 by Dr. Chris Villanueva, a dentist who wanted to provide help to other dentists with the business side of their practices so they could focus on patient care. MB2 offers multiple business assistance services such as billing, collections, human resources, accounting and more. This gives their dentist clients the freedom from administration duties they need to be able to focus on their dental work, making patients the top priority. MB2 Dental takes on many of the duties a practice would get from a provider network.