Take-Out Windows Are Very Popular At NYC Restaurants

Being a big fan of restaurant take-out foods, I was immediately interested in an online article about NYC take-out restaurants that I came across earlier today. This article provides brief profiles of five popular NYC restaurants that feature take-out food windows.

One of these restaurants is Seamore’s on Mulberry Street. Owned by Michael Chernow, this establishment has a brand new take-out window where customers can pick up orders of items such as poke fish salad, and coconut-lemongrass ice cream.

At the acclaimed Lupulo Portuguese restaurant on Sixth Avenue, a daytime take-out window and dine-in counter named Bica is now in place. Breakfast and lunch sandwiches, pastries, coffees, soups, and egg-custard tarts are just some of the items served at Bica.

In the East Village, Oiji Korean restaurant is selling honey-butter chips and ice cream from the front window of the restaurant on weekend afternoons.

Lilia restaurant in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn now has an onsite cafe that serves coffees, Italian pastries, and soft-serve ice cream.

The article goes on to mention how Sauvage restaurant in Greenpoint also features a take-out window. At this eatery, salads, sandwiches, and pastries are served from early in the morning until midnight. With a large public park situated next to the restaurant, there are plenty of nearby places where you can sit down and enjoy your take-out food.

I like the basic idea of take-out windows at restaurants. Largely because of space constraints, these businesses usually offer a limited selection of food items. The items that they do sell, however, are usually very good.

Take-out windows really do make sense for such a fast-paced place as NYC. To be able to sidle up to a little window and order and receive freshly prepared foods is a beautiful thing.

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