Talk Fusion’s Video Communication

Talk Fusion is an innovative video communication company that has made a name for itself by creating useful and life-changing video communication products. Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 by Bob Reina in Brandon, Fl. He started Talk Fusion to fill the need of the people that had a desire for video communication but were being told that video communication was impossible to create. He was aware of the need because he had the requisite himself. AOL said to him that the technology to create video communication was too challenging to design. He decided to do the impossible.

Bob Reina collaborated with his friend Jonathan Chen to develop the technology to create video communication. The first product that he launched was video email. He has now connected with his IT team to create technology for video communication in ways that people would have never believed to be possible. He has created video newsletters, email, and many other video communication forums. Talk Fusion recently created WebRTC. WebRTC allows people to communicate when they want. They can communicate through email so instead of sending long emails that have to be read. A person can just send a video, and the receiver is able to send a video back. The hassle of sending an email and checking for grammar and spelling is no longer a factor in sending an email using Talk Fusion video communication.

Talk Fusion has also released a University for the people that work in his company. He wants to make sure that they know everything that they need to know about the business, products, and the way that things work overall. His employees have received the same life-changing results for being connected to Talk Fusion the customers have received. Talk Fusion’s employees have received the results that they have because Bob Reina works to make sure that nothing is impossible for his company to get to his customers. He keeps up with the trends in society to make sure that he is able to serve his customers significantly. Bob Reina started the company based off of a need. He makes sure that none of his customers have a need when it comes to video communication. He never wants to have customers that his company tells the same thing that AOL told him. He continues to break barriers to ensure that his company, products, and customers are adequately served. Learn more:

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