Tammy Mazzocco Stirs the Pot In Central Ohio Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco is a relentless worker to crafts her design of accomplishment in the Central Ohio real estate world. She sells residential real estate with the RE/MAX group of Judy Gang in Pickerington, Ohio and covers four counties of territory. She is passionate about her career and feels that by helping people with great expertise when they are transitioning from one house to another.


Starting in 1999, Mazzocco has blazed a trail to be envied as she treats her clients as she would like to be treated herself as to their time and financial obligations. Mazzocco goes on to say that when people believe that you have their best interests at heart, they will trust you and do business with you. You can check her aboutme page for more info.


People who ask Tammy what drives her the most she will tell them that setting goals are a great motivator because the process allows her to change the future and bend it to her will. She likes to break goals down into smaller action steps which make them easier to manage. Many people try to deal with and manage the entire goal at once, and they usually give up because it is too big to handle, that can be found on crunchbase.com.


Tammy likes to tell the story of how it was difficult for her, early in her career, to speak with people about their finances. Realtors need to know what they are dealing with regarding whether a prospect is capable of putting up a down payment and other financial information as well. One co-worker suggested that she forget about the niceties and just blurt out the questions that she needed to know. Then the person would be forced to answer. If they did not come forth with the information, then Tammy would know that the person is not ready to buy at that time, and she could move on.


Tammy tried the technique, and it worked. Today she will tell you that many of her co-workers and managers were instrumental in helping her along the way and she is always grateful to have been associated with helpful people.


Tammy works hard and tries to get the busy work done as early in the morning as possible so she can spend the bulk of the day with prospective buyers showing them houses. She knows that that is where people make decisions about buying a house, and where she can guide them properly.


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