Tang Hotpot Opens In The Bowery

New Yorkers are the sort who are used to cuisine from all of the world. A new entrance to the New York food scene is a place called Tang Hotpot. Hotpot is intended to give New Yorkers an authentic taste of one of China’s most cherished forms of dining. The restaurant centers around the experience of eating a meal out of a hotpot. While many restaurants in New York City offer this kind of dining experience, this one is aiming for something a bit more upscale. The goal is to offer diners something special they can’t find in other parts of the city or at other hotpots. To that end, diners are invited to try upscale dishes served here with authentic ingredients. New combinations of flavors offer a dining experience that would be right at home in many of China’s largest cities. Diners are given many choices to pick from that allow them to put together a complete meal.

Varied Choices

Diners can start off the meal with one of five soups. There’s a pumpkin seafood and a Sichuan Spicy Broth. Main courses also aim to please with heavy spices and lots of proteins. Items such as lamb shoulder roll offer enough for the entire table to enjoy. While the place plays homage to its Chinese roots with items like goat leg, there’s also more elegant choices such as wagyu strip loin. In addition, the restaurant also offers lots of flavorful dipping sauces that can help bring in even more levels of flavor. Fish are also on the menu. Like many hotpot restaurants in China, they offer lots of seafood here including tiger prawns and lobster. Veggie lovers can pick from various kinds of vegetables such as lettuce and watercress and pair them with varied kinds of starches.

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