Tasty and Inventive Nordic Cuisine Is Now Available In NYC’s East Village

After reading a current online article about a new restaurant in the East Village section of NYC, I have learned something about Nordic cuisine. So far, I haven’t had the opportunity to sample this type of food, but according to this article, Nordic cuisine is currently quite popular in the city.


The attractive new restaurant is named n’eat, and it offers a pretty unusual menu. Before opening this new eatery, the Swedish chef-co-owner served in the military, then cooked at the world-famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark.


It is mentioned in this article that Nordic food is often presented as part of a tasting menu, and can be very expensive. At n’eat, however, the prices are actually affordable, by NYC standards. A flat rate of $8 is charged for each type of snack on the menu, and each a la carte large dish, or entree carries a price tag of $16.


Among the snack items that are served at n’eat are deep fried sourdough bread and mushroom powder, and pine and thyme cured duck.


Some of the a la carte items on the menu at n’eat include fried squid “noodles” with egg yolk and kombu, braised short rib with pickled berries and marrow, and chicken confit with carrots, and burned garlic sauce.


It is very interesting to learn about different foods from around the world. Maybe one of these days, I’ll have the opportunity to try some Nordic cuisine.


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