The Achievements of Troy McQuagge

US HEALTH Group is one of the leading insurance companies in North America. The company offers some of the best life insurance, end renal illness insurance, accident insurance and health insurance to entrepreneurs, small companies and their workers and families. Today, the company that has been around for more than half a century is privileged to have served more than 15 million customers.



To be able to reach a wide market, the company operates through subsidiaries. Their agents are wholly-owned subsidiaries that have the same mission as US HEALTH. These subsidiaries are known as US HEALTH Advisors.



US HEALTH has made the lives of many North Americans easy. They aim at providing customers with innovative insurance packages that fit within their budgets. The company knows that each customer is different and have varying preferences and work with varying budgets. Therefore, the company strives to tailor products so that their customers get the optimum benefits for every dollar they pay.



Thanks to the excellent customer service provision, the company acquired an A+ rating from the BBB Accreditation company. This means that the company excels in responding to customer complaints. Also, it reflects a high level of confidence and trustworthiness in the business. Additionally, the company was marked as one of the top 50 North American Call Center in the year 2013. This means that their clients get quick services and as a result, their claims are speedily processed.



Behind all the success of the US HEALTH Group is strategic leadership by Troy McQuagge. He is the CEO of US HEALTH Group and has been in that position since the year 2014, when the board of directors agreed to have him named as the CEO. Since his appointment to this position, he has proven that he was indeed the best man for the job.



Troy McQuagge was born and raised in Florida. He also studied in Florida, attending the Central University of Florida, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in the year 1983. His education background prepared him for the real life work experiences that he was bound to have.



As a fresh graduate, McQuagge was very persistent is searching for a job. He was lucky to acquire a job, the same year he graduated from College. His first job was at Allstate Insurance Company. At Allstate Insurance Company, he worked really hard and was soon gaining recognition. So, two years later, he was admitted to the Student’s unit of United Insurance Companies.



At UICI, he became one of the best performing employees and within two years, he was already being considered for executive positions. In the year 1997, Troy McQuagge was promoted to the President of UGA, which an agency of the United Insurance Companies. As is his legacy, Troy McQuagge continued to out-perform those in his level and beyond. Each year, he would rank as one of the best performing employees, having recorded huge sales and revenues for the year.



Troy McQuagge was with UICI for a decade. BY the time the company was being sold, Troy McQuagge had managed to raise the revenues from $250 to over $1 billion. Also, he had managed to raise the shares of the company by over $50 dollars per share.



In the year 2006, the company was bought by private investors. However, due to his excellent performance, the private investors decided to retain him. At that point, he was made the sales manager of all company sales made by the Heath Markets Group. However, his work was so impressive that the investors decided to name him the president of the overall company and that was where things began to really change.



His time with Health Markets Group was one that the investors would not regret. They had indeed entrusted the running of their company to the best there is in the industry. He had managed to achieve annual revenue of over $1 billion, making the company one of the fastest growing in the area. Also, due to his excellent leadership, the company was honored with the Sales of the Year Award, from the Stevie Awards and the Selling Power Magazine. These are just some of the highlights for the things that Troy McQuagge achieved as the President of HM.



After being with HM for four years, McQuagge left to join the US HEALTH Group. His education and career background played a very huge role in landing him the job at US HEALTH Group. And, working for US HEALTH would see him at the peak of his career. At US HEALTH, McQuagge continued to reflect the same outstanding performance and he would receive one promotion after another. Besides, since he joined the company, the profits has increased year in year out and the share price had increased with over 1000%.



Therefore, three years into his job at US HEALTH Group, McQuagge was appointed to work as the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. This was followed by another promotion in the year 2014. That was when the board of directors named him the Chief Executive Officer and President of the company.



Troy McQuagge’s achievements have not only been recognized by his employers, but by the whole industry. As a result, he has been honored with several awards, including a gold award from the CEO World Awards. Also, he was honored by Sales Growth Achievement of the Year Award.


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