The Astonishing Creativity, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

From the article, Sean Penn has been acting most of his life and has, therefore, become a celebrity. He had developed several audios for actors but recently, he decided to join the novelist hence writing a book known as Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The reception of the novel after its publication was different because various people had varying opinions. His art of characterization is highly mesmerizing because it seems to address the leadership of the states while at the same time helping the oppressed. According to Sean Penn, the novel was aimed at addressing the different cultures in the states and not to rebuke or attack some leaders.

The book brings out one character known as Bob Honey who has several behaviors but the most conspicuous is as an assassin, which to the writer, the novel is a fiction and therefore he does not sympathize with him because to him, everybody is allowed to have an opinion according to their understanding. Additionally, another character in the novel is the landlord who the writer refers to him as a man with selfish and wicked character who deserves not to be a leader. The description of the landlord means that the writer detests this person and the novel writing helped him to get out all the evil thoughts he had f this person.


Furthermore, the interview enables us to understand that the writer had the inspiration of the novel from various writers, some are well-established while others are still growing, whom their work involves self- expression consisting of the truth as it is. To him, most of them had a way with words which showed mastery and great creativity. In conclusion, Sean Penn Attributes his novel writing to his age, the sense of enjoyment and fulfillment he experiences is what drives him on. Having written before some pages in various novels, it was easy for him. His creativity in fiction is one to behold.

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