The Best Places to Try Korean Food in NYC

While the United States is considered the melting pot of the world, it is safe to say that some cities sustain this title more than others, especially New York City. With an immensely diverse population of people, there is no surprise that the superabundance of restaurants cater to the diversity. Whether it be Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Texas barbecue, French, Korean, or more, NYC has your poison and Eater NY is proud to report which restaurants are at the top. Of the most underrated cuisine is that of Korean, so if you opt to expand your horizons by trying some Korean staples, consider these places:


Cote Korean Steakhouse


Owner Simon Kim envisioned the perfect American restaurant: One that combines the US’ obsession with high quality steak with remarkable Korean barbecue. With a mantra of “Meat + Fire + Booze = Smiles,” there is no denying that all who try this establishment will be happy that they did.


Offering over six hundred types of wine, it is safe to assume that each portion of your meal will be a great one, from plate to glass. Of course and like every eatery, some items steal the hearts of every patron who walks through the door and at Cote, the Korean bacon is a fan favorite. House-smoked heritage bacon pairs with pickled jalapeño for an unforgettable experience, but it is only an appetizer. Imagine the rest of the menu!


Her Name is Han


Known as a home away from home for Korean-Americans, Her Name is Han strives to recreate a Korean mother’s recipes by guaranteeing that all of their ingredients are fresh and that each dish is made from scratch daily. Aside from full meals, the restaurant offers small plates of dumplings, salmon and cucumber noodles, baby octopus, rice cakes, and tofu, a delightful fact for guests hoping to try a lot at once.

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