The Big Mac’s Not To Blame

The debate over fast-food has went on for over a decade now. Some say it’s just not healthy and others agree. Now a new poll shows what you should and shouldn’t eat when visiting these establishments. I have listened to these debates and watched the restaurants try to do damage control to save their clientele. However, it’s really quite simpler than that. People are going to eat what they crave and what makes them feel good. It has little to no effect on how many calories is in it. When did it become the restaurant industries responsibility to help people eat responsively?

Each person knows how many calories they are allotted per day. This is based on their height and weight. Their caloric intake is influenced by what makes them satisfied. If a person has 2,000 calories to spend, and they use 1,000 of that on a Big Mac, it’s not McDonald’s fault. That person had a choice. Someone who doesn’t have to be so mindful of their weight can have that big man without a problem.

McDonalds’ doesn’t make people fat, people choose to gain weight by the selections of food they intake. I do agree with putting the calorie content out so everyone can see. However, what a person does with that is their own business. We need to stop putting so much pressure on these fast food chains and start putting the blame back where it belongs, on poor eating habits.

Thanks to Alexei Beltyukov for debating this with me. Check it out on Vimeo.

One thought on “The Big Mac’s Not To Blame

  1. But even if it does not make people fat, it consumption and preparation are what matters. Is true that in this part of the world people neglect their food in-take, give a little or no attention to the kinds and types of food giving to the body. Later do my assignments will let people know about the demerits of these in appropriate habits.

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