The Casino Clam Bar Has Many Wonderful Menu Items

New York City is home to a large and thriving Italian American community. As a result, New Yorkers have come to appreciate the many glories of Italian food. Those who are looking for a new option to enjoy this varied cuisine can now head to Williamsburg. This part of Brooklyn has many new restaurants. One of the most popular is the Casino Clam Bar. The bar is decided to providing dinners with fabulous, freshly made Italian-American food standards. Owner Joe Carroll is all about revisiting some of the best loved classics and updating them for today’s demanding taste buds. With his partner, Jeremiah Del Sol, a chef who knows all about food classics, they offer a feast for the eyes. One of their new favorites is the fritto misto. This treat is about delicately frying many things at once after carefully coating them with a paper thin batter that is designed to highlight the food’s flavors.

Careful Technique

Fritto misto takes all sorts of items including vegetables and meats to create a classic mix that is both filling and yet hearty at the same time. The version here uses many types of ingredients such as succulent shrimp to create something memorable. There’s also anchovies and olives for additional spice as well as capers and lemon slices. In keeping with the name of the place, the chef throws in clam bellies. The clam bellies are carefully fried in order to keep them full of flavor as they head to diner’s plate. The expert chef knows how to create a dish that is not heavy or greasy as it can be sometimes. Diners who want to sample other parts of the menu will also find other possible choices. They can explore a menu that lets them head home fully satisfied.

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