The Enormous success of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a successful woman in the business industry. She is an executive advisor from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She used to work at America Eagle Outfitters and was president of the firm. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in Mount Union College and got a degree in business and marketing. She also sits on the board of the college. Susan McGalla also served as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. at the moment she is on the board of HF Inc. the company provides valuable real estate buildings. Furthermore, she is the director of Allegheny and part of Magee-Women’s Hospital Research.

From 1986 to 1994 Susan handled marketing and management at an organization called Joseph Home Organization. After a while, she went to America Eagle Outfitters. She is a steel woman who works hard to achieve success, her skills were tremendous in this company and as a result, she served various posts. For instance, she took care of sales of outfits that were worn by women. Furthermore, McGalla was also in charge of different company management. Her incredible work at the company that brought success saw her become the chief merchandising officer as well as president of the firm.

She made a great name for America Eagle Outfitters and decided to leave the

organization and focus on being a private consultant for financial investment and various trade companies. Presently, Susan serves as the president of Pittsburgh Steelers. She handles the creative growth and business tactics of the firm. At the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Susan serves as a council member. As indicated before, Susan is a strong woman who works hard to be accomplished in all the paths that she takes. She is a role model to the women, who are inspiring to do well. She is pleased with her work as a private consultant.

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