The genius of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo “Bernie” Chua is not your average business person. He is much more than that. The talents and skills that he has have helped make him a very wealth individual and an inspiring figure to many.

Bernardo Chua (follow on twitter: @ogbernie) found a way to better distribute products from Organo Gold. These products include things such as coffee, tea, soap, toothpaste, and other health aids and are featured on Chua’s Organo Gold Blog. The products are adored by people all around the world, but not everyone had access to them until Chua came along with his better ways of getting those products delivered to the masses.

Currently, there are 13 countries that this business is open to. These include the United States, Canada, Germany, the UK, and Mexico. Linkedin shows that many of the largest markets in the world are open for business with Organo Gold, and this is part of what has helped it scale up its growth in a big way.

It is estimated by ZoomInfo that by this year there will be some one million distributors of the Organo Gold products and that revenue from those sales could reach $800 million. That is up considerably from the $35 million in revenue that was generated in 2010. In those five short years word has spread about the company and Bernardo Chua and has helped it to sharpen its image and its pitch to consumers. It has meant that more people can now take part in the great products offered by the company, and the people are loving it.

Those who want to make some money for themselves have the option to take part in the company’s compensation program. By doing so, these individuals will be getting their own piece in the success of the company. It is not too often that one may find a company that wishes to share in its successes in such a way, but this is the case with Organo Gold.

There are a total of seven different ways that one can get into the business of Organo Gold and follow in the vision of Bernardo Chua. Some of these are as simple as recruiting other members into the fold. When one does this, they are actually earning a little for those efforts as well. There is no better feeling than that. Everyone likes it when they are rewarded for their efforts, and this is a simple and straightforward way to make that happen.

Organo Gold is changing lives, and it can change yours if you let it. Watch Bernardo Chua explain the benefits in this youtube video below.

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