The Grill is Ready to Start Cooking

Evolution in the restaurant business occurs every year, with New York City ready to welcome the next example to the vast array of eateries. That event takes place on May 2, when The Grill opens its doors to serve the dinner crowd, with this being part of the Seagram Building project that’s located near Park Avenue and is replacing where the Four Seasons used to reside.


That $30 million effort remains in its earliest stages, with the location of The Grill at 99 E. 52nd Street. Once those diners sit down for their meal, they’ll have a menu that seeks to be more millennium-friendly than its earlier predecessor, The Grill Room. In addition, the location is one that’s burned into the memories of those who recall it more as a lunch spot for the business crowd.


While that facet of the overall business plan will be added over the course of this summer, the current focus is more on capturing the discriminating palates of those seeking new and exotic tastes. The man whose job it will be to make sure that happens is The Grill’s executive chef, Mario Carbone.


Some early diner favorites figure to be the honey-mustard duckling, curried lamb chops and vichyssoise with just a hint of caviar. Yet that only hints at what will undoubtedly grab even more attention and likely lead to positive word-of-mouth. Mouthwatering concoctions like Filet mignon Florentine, Venison Cumberland and Avocado crab Louis can lead into desserts like grasshopper charlotte.


Carbone is partnering with his fellow chef Rich Torrisi and investor Jeff Zalaznick to form both The Grill and its sister restaurant, The Pool. The latter, which will be run by Torrisi, will be seafood-based when it opens up this summer. Until then, The Grill will take center stage.



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