The Interesting Life of Andy Wirth


Andy Wirth is a man who lives a charmed and interesting life. He has succeeded enormously in the hotel and ski resort business world. Life looked great for Wirth when he became the CEO of Squaw Valley USA. To relax from his long hours in the executive’s chair, he took up the sport of skydiving. The hobby almost turned tragic for him when a horrible accident occurred while landing one fateful day.

Wirth nearly lost his right arm when hitting the grapevine wires in a vineyard. Wirth ended up have to go through nearly two dozen surgeries in the aftermath of the accident. How did Wirth handle the grueling, frightening accident? Wirth concentrated on the lyrics to the Pearl Jam song “Just Breathe”. This calmed him until help was able to arrive and get him to a hospital.

Wirth has returned to his role as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley, CA. He is a changed and no-less-driven man. He puts a lot of time and effort into his job of chief executive. The skiing and resort industry in the western United States might look a lot differently without Wirth’s contributions.

Certainly, a number of charitable causes do appreciate his help. In addition to supporting environmental and conservation plans, Wirth has helped the Navy SEALs Foundation provide support to those servicemen trying to adjust to life back home.

He is a very busy person and his terrible skydiving accident has not slowed him down one iota. Recently, he was named as a new member along with two others to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Wirth worked with the airline industry as part of his managerial duties at Squaw Valley. His knowledge and expertise surely is going to be a huge asset to the airport, to the states of Nevada and California, and the ski resort/tourism industry in general.

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