The Internet Changes The Role Of UK Vintners

UK vintners have been an important part of the global wine industry for hundreds of years as they have always been known for the close links many companies have to vineyards and smaller local producers across the Old World areas of production in Europe.

In the 21st century, vintners are now looking increasingly to the Internet to reach as many people as possible around the world; Online sales of wine now account for a major proportion of the work completed by vintners who are looking to bring both sales and information to those novice and experienced wine collectors.

A new generation of UK vintners appeared in the 1980s and 90s headed by those with a genuine love for wine, such as John Arnold of A&B Vintners, who uses his personal wine experience in a bid to guide collectors and wine drinkers through the many options on the market.

Even in the course of providing information to his customers John Arnold now looks to provide emails filled with information on the latest offerings from small and major vineyards, and the information needed for wine collectors to find which wines are perfect for drinking at any time of a given year.

UK vintners have gained a strong reputation among members of the global wine industry and new look to develop their relationships with smaller vineyards and wine producers who often provide their produce directly to specific wine merchants they have a relationship with.

The growing number of vintners in the UK, which has seen groups like The Society of Vintners grow to 28 members by the close of 2016; UK vintners have moved out of the traditional home of London and are now found throughout the country, including The Wigan Beer Company and Tate-Smith Ltd.

The wine industry in the UK is now looking to the Internet as a way of allowing wine collectors, drinkers, and investors the chance to provide sales options over the Internet; not only has the growth of Purchasing wine online has allowed people from around the world to sample the best in Old World and New World wines, but has also allowed investors to develop improved wine collections. Information and advice is now available from the top UK vintners who will help buyers pair wines with specific foods and develop a wine cellar based on advice from some of the world’s top wine experts.


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