The New York City Restaurant Scene Is Hotter Than Ever

A trip to New York City is always an adventure of one kind or another. The restaurant scene in the City amazing. New restaurants are opening every month, and each one of them has something special to offer its guests. In the month of August, six new restaurants opened in the City. They all have names that only a New York culinary maven would think of. Names like Atoboy, Seabird, Paowalla, Ladybird, Pondicheri, Casa Apicii are the latest additions, but Le Coucou, Bergen Hill, and Wild Son opened in July. Mimi NYC, Dizengoff, Metrograph Commissary, Tapestry, and Günter Seeger NY opened in June, according to an article published by

Just to make sure the restaurant scene in the City never cools down, restaurateurs opened a plethora of new eating established from January to May 2016. The new hot spots in May were: Romeo LES, Perla Café, Amada, Momosan Sake & Ramen, Agern, and Speedy. In April, food lovers flocked to Covina, Impero Caffè, and Le Coq Rico, and in March, Nix, Cafe Altro Paradiso, Russ & Daughters UES, Pasquale Jones, Mr. Donahue’s, Indian Accent, and Freud opened their doors. In February, Salvation Burger, La Sirena, Vandal, 00 + Co, Lucky Bee, The Pennsy, and Nakamura greeted new customers, and at the start of 2016, High Street on Hudson, Crave Fishbar, Biang, Nishi, Le Turtle, Kosaska, and Sushi Zo opened for business.

The interesting thing about the restaurants in New York is the old traditional favorite are not hurt by these newcomers. New Yorkers support their restaurants, especially the top eateries that are not afraid to charge whatever they think their culinary delights are worth. People keep coming back to Daniel, Per Se, Bouley, Le Bernadine, Grammercy Tavern, Rafele, the Modern, the Four Seasons, Print, and the Gotham Bar and Grill because the food is exceptional, the ambience is incredible, and the service is impeccable.

Everyone has a list of favorite restaurants in New York, but it’s always a good idea to try a new one just to see whether it will withstand the test of time, and the fierce competition that sends many restaurants to the chopping block every year. A recent food article said there are more than 10,000 places to eat in New York if all the delis, cafes, and bodegas were counted.

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