The NYC Food Scene: Better Fresh Than Stale

Few things in life are more satisfying than a hardy meal of steak and potatoes, but there comes a time when one must admit that it becomes boring to eat the same old thing day in and day out. While most live in regions where different is unacceptable, others are fortunate to live in places where different is the norm, like NYC. Demonstrating just how out there this city is are the restaurants who reside here. As Eater NY published in May 2018, some of these establishments stand out better than all the rest.


Simon and the Whale and Studio


Besides having a bar few can rival, Simon and the Whale offers original dishes reminiscent of the classics. Start your meal with English peas with mint, lardo, and shrimp; continue it with braised octopus and artichokes. If you have room for more, consider trying the grapefruit panna cotta. Whatever you opt for here, you will leave satisfied and eager for your next visit.


Momofuku Ko


Because of their success, Momofuku not only operates restaurants throughout the city but even offer their famous Ssäm Sauce in stores across the globe. Additionally, the name can be heard in other metropolitan areas, including Las Vegas, Sydney, and Toronto. Besides their sauce, one of their greatest ventures is their noodle bar, which serves butter and coconut jam, shrimp buns, extremely spicy noodles, oxtail, and more.


Una Pizza Napoletana


Face it, NYC is famous for their pizza, so if you can hack it with your pies here, you must be doing something right. Una Pizza Napoletana is the real deal, serving up mouthwatering pizza with a menu entirely in Italian. Finish your meal with their perfect panna cotta and strawberries and don’t miss out on their Carne Cruda pizza, containing beef tenderloin, pistachios, and olives.

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