The Old Soup-and-Sandwich Gets a New Look at Pasta Flyer

Creation by committee might be the best explanation of the origins surrounding a new option for those looking for soup-and-sandwich lunch offering something new. Both components are a convergence of delicious options, with the diner coming into Pasta Flyer the ultimate beneficiary of this culinary curiosity.

The chef at Pasta Flyer, Mark Ladner, gets credit for bringing the creation to life, though he can also thank some of his cooking brethren for supplying some subtle touches to the overall approach. It also provides an alternative to a city that’s been inundates with the concept of fired chicken sandwiches that tend to focus strictly on the chicken itself.

As far as the soup portion, a small cup of beef-and-turkey broth might be enough to satisfy the casual diner. Yet Ladner and company manage to also add some stelline into the mix,a nod to the restaurant’s Italian brand. Meanwhile, the sandwich has as its center a cutlet of chicken parmesan that combines melted provolone and arugula with tomato sauce. The bread, which has a generous slathering of garlic butter applied to it is essentially blow-torched in order to offer something new in the area of toast,

The individuals offering their contributions include Sul,livan Street Bakery’s Jim Lahey, whose bread mimics that which makes up most pizzas. For the broth, Marco Canora spared time from running both Brodo and Hearth to provide the liquid sensation. That blow-torch is actually the Searzall that was created by Dave Arnold and has taken the cooking world by storm. It’s so popular that it’s available on Amazon.

The order is unique enough that the restaurant is only offering in on Thursdays and Fridays beginning at 11 a.m. The cost to order is $13, with availability simply dependent upon whether or not the two items are still available.

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