The Quincy: The Pizzeria In The Midst Of Crimes In New Brunswick

The Quincy is a local pizza restaurant owned and managed by a family living in New Brunswick. The restaurant mainly caters to families and is one of the most well-known pizzerias in the area. However, this restaurant has been receiving a lot of light, not just for the beautiful Italian cuisine that it has to offer, but for a few crimes that have taken place in the area and inside the pizza parlor. The area around the restaurant has been the hub of numerous crimes, with several incidents happening in and around the area.


The first incident that happened in 2013 and happened out while one of the employees from the Quincy was out for delivery. The pizza van was stopped in the middle of an isolated street and was robbed of all the pizza that was in the van, along with whatever money the driver had on him. The driver was also hurt from the incident but soon communicated with the police force to help them track down the person responsible for the crimes. The investigation went on for a total period of four months before the police of the area were able to track down the robber. The person who committed the crime was Parysh Wood, a 21-year-old resident of New Brunswick. This isn’t the first incident of a robbery that the criminal was under investigation for. In the past, he has been a part of numerous cases of armed robbery and has been on the run ever since he got involved in this. Pizza delivery boys seem to be the primary target for this, and in most cases were the victims of the crimes committed by him. Currently, he is serving his time in Middlesex County for the multiple robberies that he has committed. The police were able to track down the robber because of his phone records, and because he made a call just before the incident claiming that he was going to perform the deed.


Before this incident took place, the Quincy experienced another unfortunate event in 2005. There was a shooting that took place just outside the restaurant, which unfortunately caused lots of harm to the people who were there at the time. The people who were affected by the shooting were immediately rushed to the hospital and treated for their wounds. The shooter responsible for the crime was quickly nabbed by the police who was there in the area at that given time.

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