The Role of VTA Publications Under the Leadership of Jim Hunt in Educating People

Jim Hunt is a web developer, writer, financial consultant and the CEO of VTA Publications in the United Kingdom. He is very accurate in spotting market trades and possesses the ability to make predictions on different activities. Mr. Hunt aims at teaching people how to be successful in the financial world that keeps on changing every day.


He, therefore, believes that people can build enough wealth in only ten types of trades and through this, he has set a personal challenge that focuses on making his mother a tax-free millionaire before her retirement age. His specialties are stock and bonds with an average investor as his main target. He also targets VTA Publications as the means of disseminating information to the people at large, and publishing their own articles for investor consumption.


Jim Hunt started his company on December 3, 2012. It is a U.K. leading publisher of distance learning courses and non-fictional publications. Additionally, the company provides investment tips aimed at teaching the new entrepreneurs how to invest safely. Their mission is to equip their customers with information digitally and physically in the economic and financial data.


Their products include; How to trade stocks using charts, Little known options of trading strategies, retirement planning from the Bible and also a recording for seminars that they held. The Bible Wealth Secrets offer a moneymaking course from Michael White, which he says, will have 82.4% chance of increasing the money placed on the investment.


VTA Publications under the leadership of Jim Hunt pioneered Wealth Wave, which is a method of getting profits from drops in the stock market and can make one wealthy on a short period. They are also looking forward to acquiring the best experts in the field whose focus is bringing their experience and expertise in the provision of services.


The company offers distance-learning courses to thousands of people worldwide with the goal of helping them understand the stock market, which is the easiest way to earn a good living after learning the secrets of the trade. They hold workshops and seminars that are booked at an earlier date. They also publish newsletters and use DVD and CD program to facilitate learning.

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