The Securus Technologies Mission

Securus Technologies is a leader in the public safety field. They believe in making the world a safer place for everyone to live and work in. Their business is completed within the US, and they are respected and known throughout the world for the exceptional ways that they utilize their technologies for the greater good.


Correctional facilities benefit greatly from their technologies. They have special video communication that they offer to the inmates so that they can communicate with their loved ones on a regular basis. This works for the facilities, the inmates and their loved ones too. They are constantly hearing positive remarks about how beneficial the technology has been for the facilities as a whole.


One of their biggest clients is the government. They have many contracts with them. The company uses investigations, interviews and more to make sure that the environments are safe for both the inmates and the workers. They deal with over 1,100,000 inmates on a yearly basis, and they have proven techniques that work to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Their professional and dedicated staff work on diligently to create new technologies on a weekly basis. They are looking forward to creating more inroads in the safety field and to continue to uphold their lead.


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