The Simple Joys of Fast Food

It’s late at night; you come home, you’re exhausted and hungry. You don’t really feel like preparing a healthy home-cooked meal because you just want to sit down and relax but you’re stomach is telling you that you have to eat something or you’ll soon pass out of hunger. Everyone has had this feeling, even my friend Lee G Lovett.

“What do you do?” Most would probably order fastfood by calling or going to the Internet. Most popular is the order of a cheeseburger and a large fries.

It’s times like that when eating fast-food is the greatest joy in the world next to being an uncle of 3 beautiful little girls. You wouldn’t want to starve yourself to death so you’d choose fast-food just to be sane and alive.

When you’re so hungry, the cheeseburger would taste so great with the hot, crispy, crunchy French fries and pushing it all down with that ice cold beverage. (It’s usually a rootbeer)

I guess I’m that human when I’m that hungry. It’s great that in today’s civilization, we have delivery and fast food so it’s assured that when you’re dead hungry at so late in the evening; you’d be able to have something for yourself.



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