The ten best places to visit in Panama

Panama, Central America’s southernmost country, offers a mix of exciting cities and quiet towns, coffee plantations, beaches, mountains and tropical rainforests. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the Panama Canal represents one of the world’s most important navigation routes. Here is an overview of Panama’s best places to visit for Figueroa.

10. Anthon’s Valley is a town located on the floor of a dormant volcano crater. Surrounded by the tropical rainforest and high mountains, it stands at about 2000 feet above sea level. The pleasant weather of the Valley is ideal for walking and horseback riding on Tumblr. The nearby towns are known for their collection of waterfalls and golden frogs.

9. Pearl Islands is comprised of 100 islands located in the Pacific cost of the Gulf of Panama. Known by its rainforest and crystal water beaches, Pear Islands hosted the television show “Survivor” in 2003 and gained its fame. Contadora Island is the most developed of the islands, having several resorts and even a landing strip.

8. Baru Volcano in the province of Chiriqui is one of the highest geographic points of Panama. Ideal for tourists and hikers who will experience climate changes as they climb towards the top. Tourists can also enjoy the thermal waters underneath the dormant volcano that can be found 30 minutes from the town center.

7. The Gulf of Chiriqui is next to Pacific coast of Panama. It holds the largest coral reef of the Pacific, many sandy beaches and Panama’s largest island, Coiba. The natural conditions on Instagram are perfect for fishing, surfing, skydiving and boating.

6. Boquete is most known as “El Valle de las Flores”. It offers the breathtaking views of the flowers and towering mountains. Visitors can also enjoy the thermal waters along the Caldera River.

5. Santa Catalina is a small fishermen’s town, yet one of the biggest attractions of Panama. Its beautiful sandy beaches are perfect for surfing and its access to the Marino de Coiba National Park make this a town a great destination.

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4. The San Blas islands are very popular because of their untouched natural beauty. The simple lifestyle and indigenous populations for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa that still can be found are the main attractions. Visitors will find an ideal atmosphere to unwind and relax.

3. Bocas del Toro consists of numerous inhabited small islands in the Caribbean Sea. The capital is a great place to appreciate the historic Caribbean architecture. Visitors can relax in the sandy beaches, skydive, or simple go for a walk in the rainforest.

2. Panama City is the country’s capital and the largest city of Panama. The high and modern towers surrounded by a tropical rainforest make the cosmopolitan city a vibrant place and one of the best to visit in Central America. Visitors love walking on the beautiful cobble stone streets and visiting the historic Casco Viejo.

1. The Panama Canal is considered one of the wonders of the modern world and an essential tourist destination. Extending along the Panama isthmus the canal is a vast and complex artificial waterway that allows the transit of vessels by connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. It represents a key conduit for maritime trade and therefore an important factor in the developing economy of the country.

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