There’s a Post About the Olive Garden in Times Square That’s Going Viral

There are a few restaurants across the country that are just staples that people love to eat at. These are restaurants that taste okay, have quick service, and friendly staff. Typically, these are restaurants that are trustworthy. You can go there and always know what to expect. There are never any surprises and it’s a great way to get what you’re craving. These restaurants are not restaurants that you typically frequent while on vacation. These are restaurants like The Olive Garden. A post has now gone viral on Reddit because of this.

According to GrubStreet, one Reddit user posted asking people to defend why they voluntarily ate at the Times Square Olive Garden. The reason the mystery perplexes so many is the sheer fact that it’s basically a nothing-special restaurant. It’s a chain restaurant that has average tasting Italian food at ridiculously expensive prices because it is New York. Perhaps the most perplexing part is why anyone would wait in a line that long, especially visitors when they can get the same food at home.

There are some locals in New York who like to argue that the Olive Garden in Time Square epitomizes New York at its absolute worst because it tricks those who don’t live there into paying more for something they can eat anywhere.

There have been a lot of different replies posted on Reddit as to why people frequent that particular Olive Garden. Many say that being in New York is an overwhelming experience and Olive Garden is something familiar and comforting to them. Other people say that after traveling far, they just want to grab food at the first place they see instead of scoping out something far and unfamiliar. A few of the responses ended up being snarkier, one person suggested that being in New York is so hard that people become homesick for things like the Olive Garden.

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