Troy McQuagge: Inspiring a World of Progress

Life is all about progress. For centuries, progress has been a measure of success, and a unit of excellence. As it turns out, Troy McQuagge is one CEO that sets the bar for excellence. During the CEO World Awards, Troy McQuagge happened to get awarded with gold for having managed a team of close to 500 employees at USHEALTH Group.

Because of the award, Troy documented USHEALTH Group as an agency that values its customers by providing them with innovation and excellence. In Troy’s time, that is a notable accomplishment only given to the best of the best in the business with McQuagge having beaten other competitors from North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

As an entrepreneur and corporate head, Troy traces his origins from Panama City, Florida. It is in Florida that McQuagge has spent almost all his life, taking up numerous activities in his lifetime.

As an alumnus of the University of Central Florida, Troy McQuagge has been able to find meaningful employment over time, and today he can boast of having amassed more than thirty years of working experience.

With Troy having worked in the insurance industry for three decades, he has become a focal point in his line of work. Before Troy moved to USHEALTH Advisors in 2010, he used to work for Allstate Insurance, Foundation Financial Services, Ushealth Funding, Precision Dialing Services, Small Business Insurance Advisors, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, Ushealth Career Agency, and UICI/Health Market.

Ever since Troy set foot in USHEALTH Group, he has made the insurance company increase its sales and profits. Thanks to Troy McQuagge, the share price at USHEALTH Group has more than doubled giving value to the institution in a big way.

Above all, USHEALTH Group has grown and expanded to become ten times larger than Troy found it in 2010. Troy has done at USHEALTH what he had previously begun at HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group, helping the company make more than $1 billion in annual sales. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

With Troy being the President of USHEALTH Group, he has helped the insurance holding company located in Fort Worth, Texas reach its full potential. Apart from offering clients with quality products and services, the institution has also provided its employees with a platform to excel.

Today, USHEALTH Group provides individuals, families, and enterprises with health insurance covers that are flexible enough to accommodate all consumers. Under the leadership of Troy McQuagge, USHEALTH has been more fruitful and relevant than it was seven years ago.

Since taking the leadership mantle at USHEALTH Group, Troy has been in charge of ensuring the growth and profitability of the company. Apart from taking up corporate duties, Troy McQuagge, throughout his lifetime has spent a substantial amount of time taking up volunteering jobs.

By working with Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Phoenix of New Orleans, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, HopeKids Phoenix, HopeKids Dallas, and Semper Fi Fund, Troy has helped communities achieve their dreams. Thanks to Troy McQuagge, the world is progressing at a rate never seen before.

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