Understanding Felipe Montoro Jens

An established entrepreneur, Felipe Montoro Jens is known the world over when it comes to his outstanding leadership skills. He is also an active philanthropist who is involved in many charitable causes. Felipe Montoro also serves in a number of premier companies where he sits on the board of directors. Currently, Felipe Montoro works with the Terna SPA where he serves in the department of finance and project development. He also served at Enron where he was in charge of the financial department. Felipe Montoro also served at the PriceWaterhouse Coopers and was responsible for consulting and auditing. Over the years, Felipe has managed to earn a reputation as one of the most influential and respected leaders in his country.

Felipe Montoro Jens has a very extensive educational background which he says contributes to part of the success that he now enjoys. He is a graduate from the prestigious Fundao Getito Vargas where he was able to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Felipe Montoro also attended the Thunderbird which is based in the United States and acquired his postgraduate degree in International Management. Apart from being as successful leader, Felipe Montoro is also an established public speaker. At 2011, Felipe Montoro served as a guest speaker at the World Economic Forum which was held in Latin America.

Felipe attributes his success to hard work, commitment, discipline and passion. At all the companies that he has worked at, he has been able to steer them achieving massive success and growth. Felipe Montoro serves as a mentor and a role model to many upcoming entrepreneurs. Although he was born in a family of humble beginnings, Felipe Montoro was able to work hard and risen over the years to become one of the most successful and popular personalities in his country an all over the world.

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