Unfortunate Restaurant Closings Across New York City

April 2018 has been a difficult month for restaurant lovers in New York City. Specialty, ethnic and trendy eateries are closing their doors all around the city; in some cases, the owners intend to open elsewhere, however, quite a few do not have immediate plans and may not seek new ventures in the restaurant industry. The following is a rundown of the pubs, bistros, cafés, and restaurants closing this month across the boroughs:

McAleer’s Irish Pub

Located in the Upper West Side, McAleer’s has been pouring pints and servings shots of fine whiskey for more than six decades; alas, its closure was announced on Facebook earlier this week. According to a report posted by Eater NYC, the McAleer cousins from Northern Ireland started the pub in 1953; it started off as a hole-in-the-wall bar and progressed to an authentic Irish pub serving traditional snacks such as fish and chips as well as bangers. McAleer’s was once featured on the television series “NYPD Blue.”


This trendy East Williamsburg eatery closed down without notice in mid-April. The owners did not give much notice, although the Williamsburg restaurant market has become extremely competitive in recent years.

El Quijote

One of the best Spanish restaurants in the city is closing due to the transformation of the historic Chelsea Hotel, but it is expected to reopen later this year.


Located in Tribeca, this Puerto Rican restaurant is used to getting favorable reviews; however, the high cost of rent in this district may have played a part in the owner’s decision to close down. Sazón is expected to pop up at a different location in the future, but there are no estimates as to when this may happen.

La Carbonara

The future of this West Village restaurant is uncertain; what is known, however, is that the landlord has taken possession. Although the owners have said that the situation is temporary, frequent diners believe that permanent closure is imminent.

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