Villa Italian Kitchen’s Alternative Facts Pizza

President Donald Trump loves fast food. He extolled the virtues of McDonalds in a Town Hall meeting with Anderson Cooper, and was photographed many times on the campaign trail devouring everything from Kentucky Fried Chicken to a super-sized taco bowl. Donald Trump’s culinary approach is in stark contrast to Michelle and Barrack Obama’s healthy diet. Michelle Obama used to tease the former president for only eating seven, lightly salted almonds as an evening snack. However, while Donald Trump loves fast food, that doesn’t mean fast food loves President Trump.


Villa Italian Kitchen began as a single pizzeria on Broadway in 1964. Today, Villa Italian Kitchen is a 300 location chain found mostly in food courts across America. Perhaps its location on Broadway, next to the Ed Sullivan Theater, contributed to its sense of political humor.


Since Trump’s inauguration, special advisor Kellyanne Conway has used the phrase “alternative facts.” The phrase is a sort of rallying cry against the media, which the Trump administration says didn’t accurately report the size of the crowd at the inauguration. Of course, alternative facts are not facts; they’re falsehoods. Or to put it another way: the alternative to facts is fictions. The Villa Italian Kitchen saw the phrase at a great marketing tool.


The Villa Italian Kitchen now offers an Alternative Facts Pizza. The thick, carb-heavy crust is loaded with bacon, pepperoni, ham, sausage and mozzarella cheese, yet the company claims it has zero calories. Yes, a post-facts world is a wonderful place if you want to eat fatty foods. The Alternative Facts Pizza has no effect on your waistline, nor will it clog arteries or raise blood pressure. Villa Italian Kitchen’s Alternative Facts Pizza is just one of many recent food items lampooning the new Trump administration.


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