Ways to Better Your Leadership Skills According to James River

Leadership skills are mostly innate but can also be acquired and developed with time. Being a leader is not something that a person can become within a snap of a finger. It takes time and a lot of dedication to effectively lead a team of individuals. However, a change in approach can make a very huge difference. James River Capital Corp, an advisory service investment recommends three changes that can massively improve the leadership skills of a person. Learn more: https://twitter.com/jamesriver_cc


Don’t underestimate the opinion of others


We learn a lot of things from interacting with people. Employees in an organization tend to be different. Others may be outgoing and easily speak their minds during meetings. On the flipside, they are reclusive persons who shy away from expressing their opinion. It is the duty of a good leader to ensure that everyone in a meeting is given a chance to air their opinion on a certain issue. One can achieve this by coming up with a list of everyone in attendance and marking against their names whenever they deliver a speech. This will help them to note the quiet members and coerce them to say something.


Offer support to your team


Being a good leader does not necessarily mean leading your team. It involves other aspects like supporting your team members. Having this in mind can completely change how a leader approaches his or her team members. It can improve interactions, a team member who feels supported is likely to be more productive.


Encourage and promote escalation


Workers are more likely to withhold information that they feel may not augur well with their bosses. Leaders should strive to encourage their subordinates to share important information that is critical in nature. This autonomy can create room for engagement, innovation and collaboration with the employees. Employee will thus feel comfortable bringing to you problems, suggestions and improvements.


James River is a Virginia based company that was founded in 1986. It operated as an alternative investment department of Kidder, Peobody & Co., Inc. Following the acquisition of the business from Kidder by Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt in 1995, James River shifted to become an independent investment. The company offers commodity trading, advisory, management of investment among other services. James River has over $570 million under management in James River products. The company operates a website that helps the firm in its mission to acquire qualified candidates to be employed.

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