Wen Can Revitalise Your Limp And Fine Hair

A beauty contributor from Bustle Magazine decided to give Wen by Chaz Dean a try to see how the product would clean her thin fine hair. She had heard that it gave remarkable results and she was excited to find out for herself. She bought Wen cleansing conditioner and followed the directions on the bottle.

Initially, she thought that the instructed amount was a bit much for medium length hair but she applied it and worked it through her hair. She then rinsed her hair and styled it as usual. She was pleasantly surprised at the results. She noticed that her hair was bouncy and manageable.

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Throughout the next day, however, she noticed that her hair became oily and limp. She continued to experience the same issue for a few days until she decided to wake up early and wash her hair before work rather than before bed. She immediately noticed that her hair stayed bouncy and manageable all day. She began to receive compliments on the look of her hair from co-workers. Her opinion is that Wen is great for your hair but you might want to wash your hair in the morning rather than before bed at night to prevent oiliness.

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Wen hair was created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. He wanted to be able to provide a cleansing product for his clients that would not damage their hair like traditional shampoos. Chaz Dean used botanicals and natural products to create a cleansing conditioner that protects the hair without stripping it of natural oils. This leaves the hair clean and shiny.

People everywhere have discovered what Wen can do for their hair. The products have become very popular because Wen leaves the hair looking fabulous. Wen is a great way to cleanse the hair without damaging it.

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