What Does it Mean to Officially Ban Trans Fat

Trans fat has been in the news for over a decade with scientists and food experts trying to decide how dangerous it really is for human consumption. Finally, the FDA announced that they declare it a threat to public health. Conscientious companies have already begun removing trans fats from their products, but the official deadline is June 2018.

New York placed a ban in 2006 followed by California in 2008, and since 2003 the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has found a decrease of usage up to 80 percent leaving 20 percent still including trans fats in their products.

Since 2006, trans fat has also been required to be listed on the labels of all foods, so it is still smart to check the labels when buying food. Food lovers at Boraie Development have learned that there are six foods are prime candidates for containing partially hydrogenated oils, the primary sources of trans fats.

1. Frozen pizza
2. Savory snacks such as crackers and microwave popcorn
3. Canned frosting
4. Packaged pie
5. Coffee creamer
6. Margarine

Trans fats became popular in the 1940s when people were concerned about saturated fats, but the steep drop in cholesterol since 2003 reveals how dangerous it is to consume trans fats. The FDA includes palm oil in the ban because of its similar properties especially the ability to clog arteries.

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