What’s Replacing Your Meat?

A variety of factors have caused consumers like Christian Broda to shift ways from the daily consumption of meat. In its heyday, meat was on the American plate at least twice a day, sometimes three times day – bacon for breakfast, hamburger or ham sandwich for lunch and a juicy steak for dinner.
But as the years passed, weight was gained and health diminished as we consumed the meaty diet and someone, somewhere had a light bulb moment. Our overly meaty diet was slowly killing us and we needed to make a change in our eating habits.
Changes we have made, some to the opposite extreme and have completely eliminated meat from their diets. Vegetarians and vegans are growing in number and those who call themselves ‘flexitarians’ because they are vegetarians most of the time, but allow themselves the flexibility to enjoy a meat product on occasion.
All that is well and good, but any time something is taken away it is replaced with something else. When you took the meat off your plate, what did you replace it with? Chances are the replacement food is as bad, if not worse, for you than the meat your were consuming.
Many former meat eaters have replaced their beef, pork and chicken with high-fat cheese and dairy products in order to get enough daily protein. Replacing meat with fat is not good for health. Getting the needed daily protein from a variety of legumes and other plant varieties is a good swap-out for meat. Be mindful of what’s replacing your meat so you make a good food swap that will improve your health.

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