Why Handy Is The Best Home Cleaning App

Handy is a relatively new app that is effectively a locally based forum that allows its users to find people to clean their homes. Handy is currently able to be used in twenty-five cities and towns in the United States of America, and three other cities in other English-speaking countries, Canada and the United Kindgom. Handy is one of the only apps of its kind, and is by far the most popular and reputable, not to mention one of the most reasonably priced.

Maids and home cleaners have traditionally been quite expensive for renters and home owners to be able to afford. Handy has changed the game in the sense that it is much cheaper now because of the sheer amount of cleaners in competition with one another. Some of the cleaners are groups of people working together or professional cleaning companies, but most of the listings on the website come from a single person.

Handy services from crunchbase  was created four years ago by two friends named Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. They pitched their idea for a home cleaning app to various investors and received funding for the app. It was not easy to start because of the development process, marketing, and implementation of the app in cities where it operatoes. Less than five percent of cleaners who have applied to Handy actually earn the ability to list their services on the site. This selectivity has made Handy so great. If everyone were able to list their servicdes, such as Craigslist or Backpage, the overall average quality of the service providers would not be nearly as valuable as it is today.

Handy charges the cleaners, not the customers, a little more than eighteen percent for listing their services on the app. Handy is strictly moderated, so the cost for cleaning is very cheap. There are currently around five thousand cleaners who finish at least one job every month, which is a lot of cleaners. Many of the providers listing their services on the mobile app clean for a living and have no other job.

One of the most attractive things about Handy for home cleaners is the insured payments. Clients and customers are required to pay Handy before any cleaners even step foot in a house they clean. Cleaners are able to get the money once both the client and cleaner agree that the job was completed. Handy has been known for their great resolutions of problems. In the event a customer tries to con the home cleaner out of their hard earned money, Handy will give the money to the cleaner as long as documentation of the cleaning is provided and a certain number of days have elapsed.

If one wants to learn more about what all Handy can provide and how to go about using the app, more information can be found all over the internet or at Handy’s official website, www.Handy.com. Handy is one of the best things to happen to the home cleaning industry in recent years.

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