Why You Should Know About Lime Crime

Cosmetics are changing all the time, and more people are becoming interested in the brands that are not considered part of the norm. There is a lot of buzz about Lime Crime. This is the makeup by Doe Deere that has become a real hot topic on social media. Anyone that gets of Google+ or Skout can find people talking about this makeup.

That is the great thing about social media. All you have to do is put a hashtag in front of Lime Crime and people can get all the comments that have been made on Twitter. It is very important to have a new brand like this on the market. Teenagers are very fickle. They do not always have the desire to stay connected to the major brands that are out there. They like the smaller brands like Lime Crime that are building. This is what has made Doe Deere and this Lime Crime makeup a success. People are still in the curious stages when it comes to this makeup. That means a lot. Lime Crime is hot and the colors are awesome.

This bold makeup is something that is very valuable to the teenager that is looking for a way to stand out. Many teenagers and young adults are interested in getting colors that match their clothing or their hair. In the past lipstick and makeup was just for matching skin tones. Lime Crime bucks against tradition with what Doe Deere has labeled “Unicorn Makeup.” This makeup comes is almost every color of the rainbow and teenagers love it.

It may be the perfect gift to pick up for the teenagers that have their mind set on standing out. The products are like a novelty now, but this brand is obviously going to become a mainstream standout. It is easy to see that it will pick up speed because it carries a fan base of people that are talking about it. Every time that someone buys it they are usually going to comment about it to friends. This inspires more people to take interest in the brand and see what it is about. Lime Crime advertising is spreading by word of mouth. People are buying these products, but Doe Deere doesn’t advertise on television. Most people will never see a banner ad or YouTube advertisement either. This is great for the company because so much is saved on advertising.

Lime Crime is what is hip and trendy. A lot of other companies struggle to keep the attention of teenagers. Lime Crime, however, is on their radar and the founder of the company isn’t even trying that hard. All she has done is made a product that girls appreciate. This has been the thing that has allowed Doe Deere to seal the deal.

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