William Saito On Internet Security

William Saito was a special adviser to the Japanese government. He is one former leading governmental official that has plenty to say about Internet security. More specifically, the lack of Internet security. The fact is that the Internet has really grown over the last decade. Only a few decades ago, the Internet was a territory that was populated by scholars and government agencies. Now, just about anyone with a mobile device or computer is able to easily access the Internet. All this growth has led to a growing need to maintain personal security. Millions are online daily and share very personal information along with financial information. It is important to realize that Internet security is vital to protect that information.


Internet Security

The fact is that numerous sites have addressed Internet security, almost as a last resort. Certainly, it was not on the top of their list. William Saito firmly believes that many organizations and developers were very haphazard at the way they added weak security to software applications, products, and systems. This has made it extremely easy for sites to become victims of hacking attacks and for hackers to acquire sensitive information from websites or individuals that are surfing the web. All these violations are against individuals, businesses, and even sensitive government information.

It’s Time For Change

William Saito believes that it is time for a change. The lack of strong security should be addressed. Certainly, it is a global issue that is growing. It is important for all organizations to come together to discuss this global crisis, in order to make changes and improve Internet security. He strongly believes that the most relevant platform for this discussion to take place is the World Economic Forum, which William Saito took part in a few years ago.


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