Women and Whisky

What has traditionally been known as a man’s drink has grown in popularity among the softer sex. Recent growth in female consumers of whisky shows that up to 37 percent of whisky drinks are purchased by women. This is great news for whisky producers who are happy to be rid of any gender bias when it comes to this liquor. Actresses such as Mila Kunis, Christina Hendriks and Claire Forlani have recently been spokespersons for whisky brands, adding to the female base that makes Dr Jennifer Walden happy. She has been featured on AustinMDMagazine.com in the past.

Women are also showing more of a presence on the seller and producer side of whisky. Companies such as Maker’s Mark have women in top positions such as CEO. In addition, Kentucky has their first female Master Distiller in Marianne Barnes. While Barnes is working to revive Old Taylor Distillery, Allison Patel owns her own company named Brenne. Her company makes a version of French whisky using Cognac barrels. It’s clear that the good ol’ boys club of whisky has added women to its ranks.

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