Your Cravings Are Talking to You

Do you ever crave chocolate? Have you had to pull over on the way home to get ice cream, nachos, or pizza? This is your mind on cravings. But aside from people craving comfort foods, there may be an actual nutritional need that people gain from the feeling of craving food.

Researchers speculate that when humans are craving a food, it may mean that they are suffering from a nutritional deficiency. Cheese? You may be low in calcium. Try having milk, almonds, broccoli, or yogurt. Carbs? It means you are low in an amino acid called tryptophan. This helps regulate serotonin, which is a needed brain chemical that regulates moods. Even chewing on ice constantly can mean that you are anemic, or low in iron.

Using our cravings to tell us what we need to eat is simple and effective. Bruce Levenson considers that balancing your nutritional needs and erasing nutritional deficiency is key to optimal health. Knowing that your cravings mean something is priceless. We should all pay more attention to our bodies. They may be telling us exactly what they need.

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